Ryan Walseth

Squat This!

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Gym rats call the squat the Godfather of all exercises…so if it’s this prestigious and beneficial let’s make sure you’re executing it correctly! The squat is a powerful, foundation exercise that primarily targets your quads, glutes & hamstrings… Why Squat? The squat exercise trains some of the biggest muscles in the body, therefore has the potential to add a big boost to your metabolism. The body uses more energy to repair and maintain lean muscle tissue. The Set Up:   Feet Shoulder-Width Apart Chest & Head Up Abs Engaged Shoulders…read more

Perfect Your Push-Ups

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First introduced in elementary gym class, the push-up is one of the most butchered exercises in the fitness industry. Incorrect form can stress your rotator cuff muscles, neck, and low back… …but when performed correctly, the push-up can be a great foundation exercise for any age and any fitness level! The movement targets the pecs (chest), triceps (back of upper arm) and deltoids (shoulders): I’m going to break it down muscle-by-muscle and joint-by-joint: Three (3) quick tips before we get started: Think of a push-up as a moving plank. Upon…read more