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30-Day Goals and the Monthly Resolution

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Ever catch yourself saying…”Where did the week go?!” Life as we know it, happens in a series of frequent, short-term events.  For this reason I’ve cast away yearly resolutions (hopes & wishes that often times lack definition) in lieu of monthly goals. Successful people put BIG PICTURE plans in place and work backwards from there. One, three, & five year plans aren’t achieved through resolutions. Learning this from the many successful people I’m fortunate enough to work with on a daily basis brought me to the idea of Monthly Resolutions….read more

Attention Desk Jockeys: 3 Hip Stretches to Save Your Back

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“Sitting is the new smoking.” Gross. Today’s fitness tip breaks down three (3) uber effective hip stretches to help alleviate low back pain from sitting all day loooooooooong. Before I help you get your swagger back, we need to cover a quick anatomy lesson to help you understand why these stretches are so important: The following image depicts the lumbar spine (low back), pelvis (hip bones), the Psoas Major (hip flexors) and femurs (upper leg bones). Notice how the hip flexor muscles originate along the lumbar spine, pass in front…read more

Why Your Ab Training Sucks & 7-Ways to Fix It

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There are slightly more than 2.7 million books written on Ab Training according to a survey I made up (it’s probably 10-fold that #)…which essentially tells you no one has figured it out. I’m not a world-renowned expert on abdominal training, but I’ve picked up a thing or two (or 7 in this case) over the past 15-years of training that can help you out.                                        7-Ways To Fix Your Abdominal Training…read more

Don’t be a Cheap A$$, 4 & 1/2 things worth paying extra for.

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Of the 168 hours in a given week, most of us spend the majority doing one of three things: sleeping, sitting, or walking/leisure activity. So, any time a client comes to me with an orthopedic issue (sore neck, shoulder, hip, knee, etc) I first inquire about one of these possible culprits…their workout routine being a fourth possible culprit of course;) More often than not, if we slightly modify their sleep position, adjust/improve the ergonomics of their desk set-up or educate about a smoother gait pattern while walking, the orthopedic issue…read more

Share Your Goals

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Fat-Carb-Cholesterol Relationship Follow-Up So, how are everyone’s resolutions going?!? We’re 6+ weeks into 2014, time to revisit your goals to ensure adherence throughout the year. QUICK TIP: Share your goals with as many people as you feel comfortable with…this helps immensely with adherence due to multiple levels of accountability. Goal Sharing/Fitness Buddy A beautiful feature about the health and wellness industry is there’s no shortage of passionate people willing to help you with your fitness goals. Locate those individuals and share your goals with them. You’ll undoubtedly pick up some…read more