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30-Day Goals and the Monthly Resolution

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Ever catch yourself saying…”Where did the week go?!” Life as we know it, happens in a series of frequent, short-term events.  For this reason I’ve cast away yearly resolutions (hopes & wishes that often times lack definition) in lieu of monthly goals. Successful people put BIG PICTURE plans in place and work backwards from there. One, three, & five year plans aren’t achieved through resolutions. Learning this from the many successful people I’m fortunate enough to work with on a daily basis brought me to the idea of Monthly Resolutions….read more

Orange Juice & your Immune System

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Influenza Winter 2014-15 has been ridiculous! How are you planning to fend it off…or worse yet, recover from it if you get it? Some common feel good home remedies include: Chicken Noodle Soup Hot Tea Rest Orange Juice Water Call Mom Vitamins Echinacea I sympathize with 7 of the 8 listed. OJ? YOU’RE FIRED Sure OJ is a soothing fruit juice with vitamin C…but it also contains an insane amount of high Glycemic sugar. The Gylcemic Index is a rating of how quickly the carbohydrates you consume are converted into…read more

A Breakdown of 5 Popular Nutritional Supplements

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Part 1 of this 2 part series covered six quick tips about nutritional supplementation…a proverbial 30,000 foot view if you will.  Part II digs in for a closer look at 5 different popular supplements. Let’s roll! The following bullet points are based off peer reviewed studies and are intended to be talking points. Use these points to produce educated questions for the next time you meet with your doctor or registered dietitian as some supplements may have adverse reactions with prescription medications and/or pre-existing health conditions. Resources and references available…read more


Super 6-Pack of Tips about Nutritional Supplements

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Feeling ill? There’s a pill for that. Feeling well? There are plenty of pills for that, too. I’m on the preventative side of health care, so in addition to curating diet and exercise routines, I’m frequently addressing questions regarding nutritional supplementation. TEASER ALERT! Next week I’m going to break down five popular nutritional supplements (calcium, magnesium, Omega-3, multivitamins, & Vitamin D) by benefits, timing, absorption, efficacy and deficiency rates. Without further ado, my “Super 6-Pack of Tips about Nutritional Supplements” 1               Understand that supplements are just that, supplementing a clean diet….read more

Squat This!

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Gym rats call the squat the Godfather of all exercises…so if it’s this prestigious and beneficial let’s make sure you’re executing it correctly! The squat is a powerful, foundation exercise that primarily targets your quads, glutes & hamstrings… Why Squat? The squat exercise trains some of the biggest muscles in the body, therefore has the potential to add a big boost to your metabolism. The body uses more energy to repair and maintain lean muscle tissue. The Set Up:   Feet Shoulder-Width Apart Chest & Head Up Abs Engaged Shoulders…read more

Perfect Your Push-Ups

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First introduced in elementary gym class, the push-up is one of the most butchered exercises in the fitness industry. Incorrect form can stress your rotator cuff muscles, neck, and low back… …but when performed correctly, the push-up can be a great foundation exercise for any age and any fitness level! The movement targets the pecs (chest), triceps (back of upper arm) and deltoids (shoulders): I’m going to break it down muscle-by-muscle and joint-by-joint: Three (3) quick tips before we get started: Think of a push-up as a moving plank. Upon…read more

7 Ways to think about Eating Differently…

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Food for Thought or Thought for Food…here we go! Take a picture of every meal before you eat it (Instagram ‘food porn’) and text or email to a friend, trainer, nutritionist who is holding you accountable to your weight loss goal. Instead of focusing on carbohydrates, fats, and proteins (macronutrients), focus on foods loaded with vitamins and minerals (micronutrients). Unhealthy processed foods are low in micronutrients but typically high in macronutrients such as bad fats & simple carbs, whereas super foods are loaded with super healthy micronutrients! Experiment: Remove a…read more

Attention Desk Jockeys: 3 Hip Stretches to Save Your Back

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“Sitting is the new smoking.” Gross. Today’s fitness tip breaks down three (3) uber effective hip stretches to help alleviate low back pain from sitting all day loooooooooong. Before I help you get your swagger back, we need to cover a quick anatomy lesson to help you understand why these stretches are so important: The following image depicts the lumbar spine (low back), pelvis (hip bones), the Psoas Major (hip flexors) and femurs (upper leg bones). Notice how the hip flexor muscles originate along the lumbar spine, pass in front…read more

Why Your Ab Training Sucks & 7-Ways to Fix It

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There are slightly more than 2.7 million books written on Ab Training according to a survey I made up (it’s probably 10-fold that #)…which essentially tells you no one has figured it out. I’m not a world-renowned expert on abdominal training, but I’ve picked up a thing or two (or 7 in this case) over the past 15-years of training that can help you out.                                        7-Ways To Fix Your Abdominal Training…read more

“F the Fat Burning Zone”

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Summer is 6-weeks away (hopefully), is your body ready for a swimsuit?!? If you’ve been hibernating while watching Netflix and crushing on comfort food for the past 6-months you don’t have time for long, slow, boring cardio to get you back in shape…it’s time for some serious work. Every single Personal Training Health Assessment Form ask’s the question: “What is your #1 barrier to regular exercise?”  I’ve only received one answer, ever: TIME. Since TIME is everyone’s reason for not exercising on a regular basis, I say…”F the Fat Burning…read more