30-Day Goals and the Monthly Resolution

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Ever catch yourself saying…”Where did the week go?!”

Life as we know it, happens in a series of frequent, short-term events.  For this reason I’ve cast away yearly resolutions (hopes & wishes that often times lack definition) in lieu of monthly goals.


Successful people put BIG PICTURE plans in place and work backwards from there. One, three, & five year plans aren’t achieved through resolutions.

Learning this from the many successful people I’m fortunate enough to work with on a daily basis brought me to the idea of Monthly Resolutions.

Monthly Resolutions start on the 1st of every month of the year. This provides a shorter-term, defined start and end date to each goal. The beauty of monthly goal setting opportunities is that you can build upon each successful month. A celebration of many “wins” in a year is much more motivating and invigorating than a yearly resolution that rings in a 92% failure rate:(


  • Lose 15 lbs
  • Increase Energy
  • Decrease/Eliminate Prescription Medication(s)
  • Improve Flexibility
  • Sleep Better
  • Improve Sex Drive
  • Increase Lean Muscle Tissue



  1. January: Close up any undefined original 2015 New Years Resolution’s that carry a 92% failure rate.
  2. February: Walk 10,000 steps for 12+ days
  3. March: Visit a nutritionist, set a plan & record your complete dietary intake for 20+ days
  4. April: Workout 16x in 30 days (strength train, spin, run, swim, group fitness classes)
  5. May: Sleep 8+ hours per night for 14 nights of the month
  6. June: Achieve each the previous 4 months of  resolutions simultaneously
  7. July: Exercise outdoors (swim, bike, surf, water ski, run, skip!) 12+ days of month
  8. August: Take one full week off of physical activity, then dial up 15 workouts in the other 3-weeks.
  9. September: 3-Day Juice Cleanse to kickstart final weight loss phase. Re-commit to indoor workouts: 16-gym workouts (spin class, step class, cardio kickboxing, barre, personal trainer, etc)
  10. October: It’s 4th quarter, home stretch! Revisit your nutritionist for the final 3-5 lbs of weight loss. Continue with 12-16 workouts in the month.
  11. November: Pull it all together, you will hit your 15 lbs weight loss goal by November 30, 2015. Workout 12-16x, tight nutrition log for 24 days of the month, sleep well & enjoy the fruits of your labor…ie energy, sex drive, sound sleep, increased productivity and flexibility!
  12. December: Have lunch with someone smarter than you 4x this month. Share your “wins” and leverage them to help set up an even more successful 2016!

“People Don’t Plan to Fail, they Fail to Plan” is cliche, but so true.

This road map to a common New Years Resolution is designed to guide you through a 15 lbs weight loss in 10-months. This is equivalent to 1.5 lbs per month…does this seem attainable and realistic? I’d say so!:)


Final Key Points:

  1. Don’t go it alone. Seek help. Work out with a partner, hire a trainer &/or nutritionist or life coach.
  2. Map it out
  3. Track it: A couple great tracking apps are http://www.myfitnesspal.com/ or https://www.loseit.com/
  4. February 1, 2015 is this Sunday, rock n roll!

Cheers friends,

Ryan Walseth, Certified Personal Trainer