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“SAD is a mood disorder associated with depression episodes and related to seasonal varaitions of light” (1).  SAD occurs in roughly half a million people each winter.  It is described as a change in our biological clocks which can cause our daly routine to be thrown off.  People with mild cases of SAD will often be told they have the winter blues (2). 


The symptoms of SAD include winter depression, over-consumption and cravings for carbs and sugars, fatigue, weight gain, and less of an ability to fight off disease.  Overall the cure for this disorder seems to be light, which is hard to get enough of in the winter in Minnesota.  There are some things you can do to prevent this depression including:                                       




  • Spending as much time outside as possible


  • Staying active



  • Being extra careful of the foods you consume



  • Getting enough sunlight into your house and office, which may mean moving your desk next to a window



  • Go out for lunch



Now you have a way to get an office with a view!